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FOX FRE277: France and the Middle Ages: Finding Sources

A guide to resources for your final term paper for Professor Englehart.

Types of Sources

Primary Documents

  • Original research articles
  • Letters, diaries
  • Raw data

Secondary Documents

  • Interpretations of primary documents and data


  • Overviews of literature or research in an area
  • Opinion pieces on a specific work (book or movie reviews)

Editorials / Letters to the editor

  • Opinion pieces meant to influence readers

Helpful Areas of the Library

Call Numbers of Interest

DC- History of France

DC-1-40 French History before the French Revolution

DC707-History of Paris

D110-120-General History of the Middle Ages

The UWFox Library has a small collection of French History books. You may have to order books from other libraries using Search@UW for this assignment.




Requesting an Item from another UW