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Guide to Debate Project for HIS106 with Dr. Filipiak


Welcome to the guide for History 106.  This guide will help you find resources for your Role-Playing Debate Project.

Call Numbers Areas to Help You

Stacks D

  • European History

Stacks BR

  • Christianity- Martin Luther and Lutherans is around BR300

Stacks DC

  • French History and French Revolution

Stacks Q

  • History of Science

Stacks B

  • Philosophy
  • Englightenment is around B802

Types of Sources

Primary Documents

  • Original research articles
  • Letters, diaries
  • Raw data

Secondary Documents

  • Interpretations of primary documents and data


  • Overviews of literature or research in an area
  • Opinion pieces on a specific work (book or movie reviews)

Editorials / Letters to the editor

  • Opinion pieces meant to influence readers

Suggested Reference Books

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