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FOX Make the Impossible Possible: Home

Guide to events, reading guide and resources for Make the Impossible Possible.

Common Read Coordinator

Andrea Butler

Andrea Butler



ESFY Coordinator

Educational Background

  • B.S. Business Administration and Economics at Carroll College
  • Wisconsin Teaching Certification: Computer Science, Economics, Social Studies through Lawrence University
  • Lakeland College MBA with Finance emphasis

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology-related business
  • Finance
  • Smoothly transitioning first year students into UW Fox

Other Interests

  • Silent sports, in other words triathlons, running, cycling, cross country skiing, mountain bike racing, kayaking...
  • Green technology, I'm working on getting off the grid.



Welcome to the guide for Making the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland. Here you will find reading guide resources, links to events and volunteering opportunites, information about the author and related resources for the book.

The Book

Through lessons from his own life experiences, and those of countless others who have overcome their circumstances and turned their lives around, Make the Impossible Possible shows how all of us can build on our passions and strengths, dream bigger and set the bar higher, achieve meaningful success and help mentor and inspire the lives of others. (Retrieved from: