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FOX ENG102: 2) Choosing the Right Search Tool

Choosing the Right Search Tool

Ordering articles through Interlibrary Loan

You can order articles and books from other libraries with Interlibrary Loan.  Articles typically arrive within 2-3 days of ordering and are sent directly to your e-mail. Books may take over a week to arrive, so be sure to order with plenty of time before your assignment is due.

  • If you are searching in a database, click the Find It!  link.
    • Click Request a Copy via Interlibrary Loan to order the article.
    • Choose UW-Colleges as your campus and log-in with your username/password.
    • Click Submit Request to finalize your article order.
  • If you need articles immediately, use the FULL TEXT button available in most databases. It will limit the articles found to only those that you can view and print immediately.


Search Strategy Tips and Tricks

  • Click Peer-Reviewed to limit to just those journals
    • Remember there are a variety of articles in peer reviewed journals. Make sure the article you select meet's your assignment's criteria.
  • Use a different word to describe your topic
    • Example: child, children, teenager, adolescent, etc.
  • Narrow down search results by date
    • Sometimes your assignment may require you to use only articles published within a certain timeframe.
  • Use topics or subject links located by search results or from the article record
    • Subjects supplied by the database can help you locate similar articles
  • Read an article you found
    • Write down some of the words they're using and try those
    • Many times the words researchers use to describe something are different than the words you might use
  • Look at the Reference list of an article
    • It is probably citing articles on a similar topic
    • Try searching for the titles of those articles to locate a copy of those articles
    • You may need to try Interlibrary Loan for some articles