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MAN Citing Sources for Academic Success: M.L.A.

Covers the four citation types used at UW-Manitowoc: Turabian/Chicago, MLA, APA, and ACS

MLA in the Library



MLA is used in literature and other humanities courses and uses in-text parenthetical citations.  The style manual provides detailed guidance about using and citing textual materials such as sacred texts and other literary works, including anthologies.   MLA continues to evolve; recent guidelines about citing tweets and other social media are available.  MLA was designed to support humanities research, which may draw from multi-disciplinary sources in multiple genres, and may involve interpreting and identifying the meaning of cultural artifacts and documents within a historical context (Hacker). 

Source cited

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MLA Citation--A Basic Strategy

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Citing with MLA

North Caroline Citation Builder

  • Fill in boxes, get a citation back!

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

  • From the Online Writing Center at Purdue University

Humanities Research and Documentation

  • From Diana Hacker.

MLA Guide from Long Island Post University Library

  • Color-coded.

MLA Sample Paper from Purdue OWL