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MAN Citing Sources for Academic Success: A.C.S.

Covers the four citation types used at UW-Manitowoc: Turabian/Chicago, MLA, APA, and ACS

Quick Information and Examples

Minimum information

ACS (American Chemical Society) style uses very stripped down citations that supply essential finding information.  ACS also uses abbreviations for journal names rather than using full titles.  You can choose from three options on how to present in-text citations in ACS:  you can  use superscript numbers, similar to those in Turabian/Chicago style, italic numbers in parentheses (see below), or author-date (similar in conept to A.P.A., though not exactly like it). 

The ACS Style Guide (1) provides the minimum elements of citation required for different types of sources.  These are:

  • Periodicals:  author, journal title (ACS uses abbreviations, see box), year of publication, volume number and at least the first page of cited article (include last page if available)
  • Books:  author of editor, title, publisher, city of publication, year of publication
  • Everything else:  provide enough information to identify and find the source

1.  Coghill, A.M.; Garson, L.R.  The ACS Style Guide:  Effective Communication of Scientific Information, 3rd ed. American Chemical Society:  Washington D.C., 2006. 



ACS Style Guide