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Welcome River Trail School!  We are glad you are visiting our campus today.

Who is right?

Why Evaluate?

Why Evaulate Web Sites?

Your parents probably tell you that you have it a lot easier than they did when they were kids.  In many ways this may be true. 

But I know of something that you have harder than your parents ever did....finding credible information!  Of course you have easier ACCESS to information with smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc.  Yet just because you have information at your fingertips, doesn't mean you have an easier time finding the RIGHT information.

You are all savvy users of the internet.  You can use a variety of internet tools like Google, IM/chat, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  But when it comes to finding great information, do you know how to separate the good from the bad? 

Try out this analogy:  When you go to the grocery store, you often have a HUGE selection of fruit.  I bet you and your family take a moment to pick what looks like the freshest apple or strawberries -- you probably wouldn't buy something that looks damaged or spoiled just because it was the first one you grabbed.

You should apply the same practice to your internet searching.  Take a few minutes to think about the information you find.  Is it the best?  This guide will help you separate the good from the bad and the ugly!