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WSH POL218 Religion and Politics: Home

Guide to support Writing Assignment One: Politics and Religion in the U.S.

Assignment Overview

  • Write 8-10 page RESEARCH paper on topic related to religion & politics in the U.S.
  • Minimum of 15 sources, at least 2 primary sources
  • Avoid bias or agenda-driven rants --evaluate your sources
  • Prospectus (3 pages) due in one week

Objectives of Library Session

  • Generating keywords -- learning the language of your topic
  • Thinking about topic broadly AND more narrowly
  • Finding articles, books & media using Search@UW
  • Evaluating sources
  • Citing sources

Research Example

Religious Opposition to Stem Cell Research


Debate exists around the creation, treatment or destruction of human embryos in the use of stem cells for genetic research.  Adult stem cells can be obtained without harm to the individual, but

In 2009, FDA approved the 1st human clinical trials using embryonic cells.

Background info:


Brainstorming Your Topic

These are some databases to use to start brainstorming or researching about a topic. They will give you an overview of a research topic and some ideas of ways that you can pursue the topic in more detail.

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