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SHB BIO286: Finding articles in Anatomy and Physiology: Is it Scholarly?

How to Identify a Peer-Reviewed Article

Look for the following elements in articles you find.  Research articles contain most or all of these sections.  Look in particular for a "methods" section.

  • Abstract: A summary of the article
  • Introduction and statement of the problem
  • Hypothesis
  • Experimental methods & materials
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations for further research
  • List of sources used
  • Author’s institutional affiliation
  • Date of submission, revision, and acceptance

Look also for a scholarly writing style and the use of a very precise, scientific vocabulary.  This is often apparent in the journal's title, which can be lengthy and loaded with pertinent key words. 

Research articles may also include charts, graphs, maps, and other illustrations that visually display data results.

Which one is scholarly?