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SHB BIO286: Finding articles in Anatomy and Physiology: Topic/Background

Choosing a topic

The time you invest in selecting a topic will pay off when you are doing your research. 

First, consider your personal knowledge and interest in a topic.  Your natural curiousity will help you to ask questions and seek answers.

Next, do some preliminary reading about your topic to see if it holds your interest.  Background reading will make further research more efficient by helping you to understand some basic concepts and terms associated with your topic.

The boxes on this page suggest some database, book and internet sources to help you both choose and narrow a topic.

Good luck!


What to learn from background research...

Non-scholarly resources such as popular magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias can help you in finding scholarly sources. Helpful information gained from these sources can include:

  • Key words:  what words are commonly associated with your topic?
  • Names of organizations and people associated with your topic:  Is there a professional association that might have information regarding your topic?  Are there authors that frequently write on your topic?
  • Important dates associated with your topic:  Remember that your topic must be a current development. 
  •   Web sites that may have information about your topic:  is there a affiliated web site of a government agency or a professional association that could lead you to other sources?

Database/Online resources for background information