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SHB EDU230 Educational Psychology: Annotated bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies

Each entry in an annotated bibliography contains two parts:

  1. A citation, using APA or MLA formatting
  2. An annotation

Your instructor's guidelines will tell you what information to include in the annotation.  In general, annotations evaluate the reliability of the source, compare or contrast the source with others sources, and/or discuss the how the source can be used in your research. In other words, annotations answer the questions:  Is this source reliable? How does this source compare with other sources I have found and/or How does this source help me answer my research question?

Sample Annotated Bilbiographies

What Information do I need to cite something?

What Belongs in a Citation? 

Citation guides

The following style guides provide citation examples for books, journal and newspaper articles, web pages and much more.  For further reference, see the MLA or APA handbooks for citation style available at the reference desk.  Stuck on a citation?  Ask your librarian!