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SHB POL104: Books

About books

Do not ignore book sources for  information!  A book is easy to find and will often lead you to other sources, such as other books, journal articles and websites.

Unlike public libraries that collect for a general audience, UW-Sheboygan librarians and professors have selected books for our collection which supplement the courses taught here.  The other libraries within the UW- system have similar holdings. Remember to make your requests from other libraries 4 or 5 days before you need the book, although in many instances it will arrive in 2-3 days.

Book search tips

Special symbols and/or connectors are NOT required for using Search@UW.  However, you can make your searches more efficient by using the following: 

  • An asterisk * is the wildcard symbol.  Example: geology AND glacia*
  • Using quotation marks will retrieve this exact phrase: Example:  "Emerging avian disease" 
  • Connectors AND, OR, NOT must be CAPITALIZED. If not, the connectors are included in the search.  Example: "initial public offering" AND facebook.

For more search tips, click on the "Search@UW" tab at the top of this guide.

Finding Books & Media with Search@UW

Search @UW

  1. Do a search for your topic.
  2. Change the "Everything" box at the top to "UW System Books & Media."
  3. To just find UW Sheboygan books, use the Library option in the left column after doing a search. Click "Show More" and click Sheboygan Library.
    • Write down the Call Number to find the book on the shelf in the library.
  4. OR: Click on Get It to order a book from a different library.
    • Sign in with your campus username and password
    • Select “UW Colleges Request” if available. If not, click “UW System Request.”
    • Make sure a Pickup Location is filled-in, then click Request

Browsing encouraged!

Call numbers classify books by subject and can help you to locate additional resources.  Browsing the shelf where you found one book can lead to finding others on the same subject.