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WAK BIO201: Principles of Ecology: Topic Exploration

Getting Started

There are many different sources that can help students identify ecology topics appropriate for your BIO201 presentations. The list below includes sources from science magazines, journals, newspapers, state and national government agencies, as well as private organizations.

Twitter - Ecological Society of America

Discover Magazine - Environment News

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Scientific American - Sustainability and Energy News

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Science News - Ecology

Loading ... - Ecology News

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Nature (Journal) - Ecology News

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New York Times - Environment news

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New York Times - Science news

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Twitter - Nature News & Comment

Questions to Narrow Down a Topic

To start thinking about your research topic, Ask the 5 W Questions:

Who? Who are the important people related to your topic? College students, business people, etc.

What? Describe what you mean by your topic? Think of other words (synonyms) to describe your main point.

When? Is your topic specific to a time periods? 1960's, early 21st century, etc. Or specific to an age group? children, teenagers, young adults, etc.

Where? What is the location? United States, high school, college, etc.

Why? Why is your topic important? Why do people care?