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MNT GSW 201: Intro to LGBT Studies: Articles & Databases

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How to request articles not available in full text

Did you know you can request articles that are not available in full text?  It's simple and fast!  Use our quick guide to find out how:

Best Databases

Related Databases

Research Tips for Searching Library Databases

  • Use keywords and phrases when searching databases. Try to avoid questions or sentences. For example:
    • DON'T enter: What are the benefits of medical marijuana?
    • DO enter: medical marijuana AND benefits (or other related terms)
  • Use Advanced Searches and Limits to narrow or broaden your search:
    • Too many results? Try narrowing your search by adding more specific keywords, refining the date range, or using additional limiters available in the database.
    • Too few results? Try broadening your search by omitting keywords or using more general terms, expanding the date range, or using fewer limiters.
  • Pay attention to Subject Terms that are assigned to articles.  These can help you identify additional keywords and phrases.
  • Remember that you my not always be able to tell if an article is useful just by reading the title. Click on the title, read the abstract (summary), and skim through the full text of the article to determine whether or not it is relevant.  You may still be able to use part of it even if the entire article isn't exactly aligned with your topic.

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