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BRB Philosophy Resources: Topic Development

Research guide to resources available at UW-BSC for philosophy students.

The Research Process

Picking Your Topic IS Research!

Source: NCSU Libraries

Topic Databases

Need an idea? Browse topics within these databases:

Background Searching

If you have a topic in mind, learn as much about it as you can before diving into more detailed research. Searching for background information will help you get to know your topic well enough to find out:

  • Frequently used keywords and phrases that will help in searching databases and the web.
  • What are the major issues surrounding your topic?
  • Why do people care about these issues?
  • How has the topic evolved over time? 
  • Will the topic work for my assignment? Is there enough debate or research to write about?

Some examples of good sources of background information are:

Topic Websites

Browse issues within these websites to find a topic idea.