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Annual Report: 2015-2016

Infographic By the Numbers

Featured Project

A group of students studying at the UW-Marinette Library.

Disciplines Reached in Instruction

Disciplines reached in instruction

Selected Programs

  • Used Books Sales
  • Readings
  • Library/Book Clubs
  • Food Pantries
  • Adopt a Family
  • Trick or Treating
  • Film Screenings and discussions
  • "Palm of the Hand" memoir workshops
  • Study break activities for finals
  • "Scholar Sip: Coffee and Conversation"
  • Welcome activities for local high schools
  • Open Houses and Preview Nights

From the Director's Desk

The LibrJennifer Chamberlainaries and the Three Rs

The UW Colleges Libraries have undergone a year of change. That is not surprising given our administrative restructuring, namely the creation of an Executive Director of Libraries. But amidst this change much remains the same, such as the high value we place in diverse perspectives and the importance of an information literate citizenry. As campus hubs of curiosity, collaboration, and intellectual pursuits, the Libraries remain focused on supporting student learning in dynamic, academically supportive spaces.

In 2015-2016 and onward, the UW Colleges Libraries are:

  • Refocusing our resources.  Through our newly consolidated collections budget, we are investing in additional curated online resources. Through robust streamed media collections and patron driven on-demand resources, we are meeting our student and faculty information needs 24/7. 
  • Redefining what a modern library is for our students. Students can find resources and research expertise like they always have, but now they find access to tutoring, collaborative work spaces, technology assistance, and accommodations testing support all under one roof. Our recent space assessment is helping us better configure our spaces to serve students in the one-stop 21st century library.
  • Re-envisioning our future. The UW Colleges Libraries have always been forward-thinking, but within our new structure we can more easily explore institutional collaborations that strengthen the role Libraries play in supporting student success, retention, and recruitment. We look forward to building on current relationships with our departments, campuses, and other academic partners.

The UW Colleges Libraries are more vibrant than ever; I welcome you to stop in and see for yourself.

Jennifer Chamberlain, Executive Director of Libraries