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WAK INT290 - Honors Seminar: Articles

Requesting an Article

Intro to Web of Science

Web of Science Search Tips

Help using education databases - advanced search - environmental lesson plan

ERIC - Getting the most out of a scholarly subject-based (education) database like ERIC means using an advanced search.

Type in your subject/topic then scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Search screen and limit your search results with the following tools:

  • Education Level: Grade 4 (use Ctrl button and also select Grade 3/Grade 5)
  • Optional: just below Education Level you will find "Intended Audience" - you could add Teacher or, possibly, Student to narrow your search even further.

Primary Search database above offers content appropriate for various levels of primary education (K-7th grade).

  • Limit resulting using "Lexile Reading Level" and select 300-500 (for 3rd to 5th grade materials). 

Databases By Subject Area

Use this link if you would like to find additional databases by subject area.