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SHB Career Resources: Books

Resources to guide you in your search for the perfect career, including books, databases, websites and much more.

About books

Do not ignore book sources for career information!  UW-Sheboygan Library has more than 200 titles regarding careers, most of which have been published in the last five years.  Many of our books link to a general career field or major with a breakdown of jobs in that category.

Representative titles include: The psychology major : career options and strategies for success; The artist's guide : how to make a living doing what you love, Career opportunities in the Internet, video games, and multimedia; Careers for animal lovers & other zoological types; The Chicago guide to your career in science : a toolkit for students and postdocs; The comprehensive guide to careers in sports and many, many more.

Browsing encouraged!

Call numbers classify books by subject and can help you to locate additional resources.  Browsing the shelf where you found one book can lead to finding others on the same subject.

Search@UW - UW Books and More

Book search tips

Search “vocational guidance” and name of career. 

For information about careers in general try searching “vocational guidance” or “career development” as keyword terms.

For more efficient searching:

Quotation marks around a phrase will insure the keywords are searched as a phrase, e.g. "vocational guidance."

An asterisk expands a search term to include all forms of word, e.g., teach* = teacher, teaching, teachable, etc.