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SHB Career Resources: Articles

Resources to guide you in your search for the perfect career, including books, databases, websites and much more.

Tips for better searching

A multi-disciplinary database, such as Academic Search Complete in EbscoHost, is a good source for topics that don't fall easily into a subject catagory.

In EbscoHost:   

  • an asterisk(*) at the stem of a word will find all forms of the word:  educat*= education, educable, educate.
  • Quotes around phrases (“xx yy”) will insure that your keywords are searched as a phrase; rather than individual words.  "Social work" will yield much different results than results with social and/or work.
  • Question marks (?) can be used as wild cards to replace an unknown letter or letters in a keyword.  This is especially helpful with spelling issues; e.g. if you can't remember whether i or e is first use Einst??n.

Other databases like LexisNexis Academic may use the same or different characters for stemming ( !, instead of *) or wild cards (* instead of ?).  When searching a database unfamiliar to you, check the the "Help" section of the database to determine the search symbols for that database.

How to find databases

Search@UW Articles

Search @UW  has full text articles too.

  1. Do a search for your topic
  2. Click on Articles, under "Resource Type" on the left side.
  3. When you find a good title, click View It to link to a full text copy of the article.
    • From Off-Campus you will be asked to log-in with your campus username and password.
  4. Click the link that appears to go to a copy of the article that you can read, print, save or e-mail.