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SHB CTA103: Introduction to Public Speaking: Topic/Background

A guide to help you find unbiased, reliable sources in support of your speeches.

Choosing a topic

The time you invest in selecting a topic will pay off when you are doing your research.

First, consider your personal knowledge and interest in a topic.  Your natural curiousity will help you to ask questions and seek answers.

Next, do some preliminary reading about your topic to see if it holds your interest.  Background reading will make further research more efficient by helping you to understand some basic concepts and terms associated with your topic.

The boxes on this page suggest some database, book and internet sources to help you both choose and narrow a topic.

Good luck!


Mind in the clouds

Coogle is a free, mind-mapping tool that can help you brainstorm your topic.  Click on the link below to see a sample mind map.

Other resources for choosing a topic