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SHB Library Resources for Student Success: Smarter searching

A collection of tips and tools to help you become a better student.

Learning Express Library

Do you Google?

Search Google Like a Pro

On the web

More power research with Google

  • site: edu will only return results with “.edu” in the URL; can also search for .gov / .org in the way.
  • site: [name of site] will return results from the specified site only.  E.g. site: [UW-Sheboygan] AND courses will return results of courses at UW-Sheboygan.
  • Search by image: Visit, or any Images results page, and click the camera icon in the search box. Enter an image URL for an image hosted on the web or upload an image from your computer to find out information about it.
  • Color filtering: Use color filtering within image search to help identify a book cover or images with a predominant color.