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SHB NoodleTools: Creating a Bibliography in NoodleTools

Why Do I Need NoodleTools?

College research papers must be supported by information sources, such as books, journal articles, websites and other types of information.  It is very important that these sources are cited correctly for several reasons: 

  • If you fail to cite the sources you used, it is considered plagiarism: that "p" word which, when detected, can cause all kinds of trouble for you, the author; 
  • Your professors are sticklers for citations:  they want them and they want them in the correct citation style;
  • Citations are a roadmap for others to locate additional information about your topic.

NoodleTools makes the job of citation easier, by telling you the information you need according to the source your are using and then generating the bibliography in correct citation style. 

What Citation Style Should I Use?

Short Answer:  Ask your Professor!


A short tutorial--

Creating a Bibliography


1.   Log-in to NoodleTools


2.  Click on Create a New Project on the right side.

create a new project button


3.    Choose your citation style: MLA, APA or Chicago.


4.    Choose Advanced under Citation Level


5.    Type in a name for your project in the Description box.  Then click on Create Project.


6.    Click on Works Cited or References in the Components section on the left. 


7.   Choose the type of citation (journal, book, etc.) you need to create first from the dropdown menu. Then click on Create Citation.


8.    Fill in the blanks with the information requested. If you have any errors, yellow warning signs will pop-up.

a.    You can add an annotation if needed.


9.    When the form is complete, the Submit button is at the bottom of the form.


10.   Keep up this process until you have completed all of your citations.


11.   You can print/export your list as a Word document to print, save or email it.