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SHB SOC130, 220 and 335 Research and Resources in Sociology: Finding a topic

Choosing a topic

The time you invest in picking a topic will pay off during your research!

  • First, pick a topic of interest to you.  A natural curiousity about your subject helps you find good information.
  • Next, do some preliminary reading about your topic.  Even brief background reading (Wikipedia/CQ Researcher/Point of View) will help you understand some basic concepts and terms associated with your topic.

The boxes on this page suggest some database, book and journal sources to help you in choosing a topic.  Good luck!

Other resources for finding a topic

A quick search of the "Opposing Viewpoints" book holdings is another way of finding current topics in sociology. UW-Sheboygan owns 200 titles in this series; all of which provide a "point-counter point" discussion of an issue and a bibliography of sources.  Browsing the table of contents in journals related to the field of sociology is another good way of finding paper topics.

From topic to question...

Mind in the clouds

Database resources for finding a topic