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SHB SOC130, 220 and 335 Research and Resources in Sociology: Requests

Requesting books and media

Our system allows you access to books or media located throughout the UW-system and to request them for delivery to our campus. The type of  request depends on the item's location.  A request for a book located at the UW-Colleges is a “Local Request.” Simply click on the "Local Request" link, select UW-Sheboygan as the pick-up location and press the "Local Request" button.


To request a book located at one of the campuses in the greater UW-system (4-year campuses) click the “UW Request” link. You will see a form that has been generated for the request. 


Once you request the item, you should see confirmation that the form was submitted.  You can check the progress of delivery in your Search@UW account.