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MAN Citing Sources for Academic Success: Citation elements: Periodicals

Covers the four citation types used at UW-Manitowoc: Turabian/Chicago, MLA, APA, and ACS

Elements of an article

Periodicals are usually described by these elements:

  • Author
  • Title of journal
  • Title of article
  • Volume, number of journal issue
  • Date of issue
  • Page numbers of article

Each style manual will describe periodicals differently.  MLA differentiates among journals, magazines, and newspapers in their citations.  MLA also requires you to include the database where you retrieved an article.  APA asks for a doi if one is available from your source.  Check with a style guide or reputable web site to ensure that your citations are correctly formatted. 


MLA citation:  Pollack, Daniel. "Child Elopement From Foster Care And Residential Settings." Policy & Practice 68.6 (2010): 13. Academic Search Complete. Web. 23 Mar. 2013.