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RCK English 102 - Pruitt: Evaluating Web sites

LibGuide for Prof. Pruitt's English 102 course

Evaluate websites with CRAAP

CRAAP is a set of easy-to-use (and remember!) criteria for evaluating your sources, and it's especially handy to use for websites. Take a look at the worksheet and videos below to learn how to apply these criteria.

C: Currency

R: Relevancy

A: Authority

A: Accuracy

P: Purpose

Apply the CRAAP Test

Your topic:  Food deserts

Evaluating websites will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of sources you find.  This exercise was modelled after the tutorial Evaluating for CRAAP by the California State University-Chico Library.

1.  Evaluating for currency:

Which source is more current? 

2.  Relevancy

Which database would be most likely to retrieve articles relevant to your topic?

3.  Authority

Which source is likely to have more authority?

  • An article in the Billings Gazette written by a news reporter
  • a peer-reviewed article written by five professors employed at three different universities and published in a journal called Behavior and Social Issues

4.  Accuracy

Which source probably has more accurate information?

  • The Food Empowerment Project web page devoted to Food Deserts, which includes 30 cites to outside sources of information
  • A blog post from Heifer International called, "Playing Hide and Seek with Your Food," which contains embedded links to three web addresses. 

5.  Purpose

How will the purpose of an article impact the kind of information it includes and the way the information is presented?  Compare the two publications.