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SHB GEO110: Research and Resources: Books

Sources for researching your Country Studies.

Words to try

Finding keywords for a search is a process of trial and error; you will not always find the right words immediately.  However, if you find one book on your topic, the LCC subject heading in the record for that book can lead you to other resources.

To get started, try some of these words along with the name of your country:

  • contemporary
  • "global studies"
  • "social conditions"
  • "human geography"
  • "political geography"

Browsing encouraged!

Call numbers classify books by subject and can help you to locate additional resources.  Browsing the shelf where you found one book can lead to finding others on the same subject.

Related L. C. Classification Call Numbers

Subclass GF--Human ecology (aka "Cultural Geography" or "Human Geography")

GF1‑900      Human ecology.  Anthropogeography

GF51            Environmental influences on humans

GF75            Human influences on the environment

GF101‑127  Settlements

GF125         Cities.  Urban geography

GF127         Rural settlements.  Rural geography

GF500-900  By region or country

Subclass BL --Religions

BL1-2790:    Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

BL1-50:        Religion (General)

BL74-99:      Religions of the world

BL410:         Religions in relation to one another

BL425-490:  Religious doctrines (General)

BL660-2680 History and principles of religions

Subclass JZ --International Relations

JZ5-6530     International relations

JZ63-1153    Sources

JZ221-1153  By region or country

JZ1249-1254 Relation to other disciplines and topics

JZ1305-2060 Scope of international relations. Political theory.


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