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MSF English 098: Information Sources (References)

Sandra Borman

Fee Web vs. Free Web

The “free web” includes websites found through search engines like Yahoo and Google.  This is where you will find websites for agencies, organizations, educational institutions, personal web pages, travel information, and commercial sites.  Some “free web” sites are very useful; others are worthless for academic research.


The “fee web” databases are those found through the library web page at They are referred to as "fee web" databases, because the University pays annual fees to access them, and to distinguish them from the "free web" internet sites located through search engines like Google.  The library has over 80 databases covering all subjects.

Reference Sources (Online and Print)

Many of these sources used to be published in print.  Now they are often available online as well, although the non-government publications cost money to use unless your library pays for a subscription.

UW-Marshfield Librarian

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