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SHB Search@UW: Problems

Problems with broken Full text links

Sometimes publishers change the content we have access to through our licensed article databases.  These changes take a while to get updated in our SFX Find IT service. 

There are two ways to report broken links.

1. When you click on the link in the Find IT menu and it doesn't take you to the proper full-text, click on broken link in the SFX Find IT menu.  This will generate a report that is sent back to the vendor. 

2. You can also email us at and we will fix it manually. 

broken link

Problem with Peer Reviewed Status

With the "Peer-Reviewed" facet featuring prominently in Search@UW, periodicals that the Search@UW Articles ( Primo Central Index) or  SFX has mistakenly categorized as peer-reviewed or not peer-reviewed may come to our attention more frequently. Essential SFX categorizes the status at the journal title level.  Therefore book reviews, opinion pieces and other content may come up as peer reviewed just because it appears in a peer reviewed journal. 

If you think a journal or article may be mis-categorized, please email us at and we will report it to our SFX vendor.  Please note that it can the vendor a month or so to correct the issue. 

UW-Sheboygan Librarian

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Karen McArdle, Jeff Ellair
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