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WAK BAAS Student Research Guide: Borrowing Books and articles from other libraries

Interlibrary loan (or how to get stuff that is not at UW-Waukesha).

Sometimes UW-Waukesha does not have the book, article or digital material that you need.  If that is the case you can borrow from another UW school, or we can get it for you from a non-UW Source.  There is always a way to get the information you need to do your research.

Borrow from a UW School

The UW-System allows faculty and students to borrow items from any UW institution. The borrowing process is called UB or Universal Borrowing. 

To place a UB request:

  •    Go to the Library Catalog
  •    Log in
  •    Enter your search terms in the Basic or Advanced search tabs and click search.
  •    Once you have found what you need, sign in to your patron account in the upper right hand corner. Then, click on  "Request"  under the title of the item you chose.  Fill out the requested information.
  • Be sure to pick UW-Waukesha as your pick up location when filling out the form.
  • Items take approximately 4 days to be delivered.  You will get an email letting you know when the item has arrived.  You may pick it up at the UW-Waukesha library circulation desk.


Borrow from a Non-UW School

Log in with the link below if you would like to request an item NOT HELD in our library or any UW System library.

You can request books, articles and media.  Articles will be delivered to your email either as an attachment or a link.  Books and media will be delivered to your campus library and you will be notified.

  • Click on Interlibrary Loan (This is a link to the Interlibrary Loan Service called ILLiad) and
  • choose "University of Wisconsin-Colleges"
  • Enter your 10 digit UW Colleges ID number: 
  • Enter your Last Name: (must be lower case!)
  • Select your campus and click "log in"
  • Enter in your citation informatioin