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WAK Project Odyssey: Website Tips

Resources for Project Odyssey students - 2014

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library is a directory of websites that have been evaluated for quality by librarians.  Type in your topic for a list of trustworthy websites.  Results include a short description of the site's contents.


Evaluating Websites Tutorial

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Evaluating Websites

Questions to help you evaluate a website:


1)       Who is responsible for the content?  


2)      If it is an individual author, is he or she an expert in the field discussed?  How do you know?  You might have to do some additional research to find out more about his/her background.


3)      If it is an organization, what is the purpose/mission of the organization?  Is the organization reputable?


4)      Does the author or organization express an obvious bias?  Does this bias affect his/her/their trustworthiness regarding the content? 


5)      When was the content written/published? Check for a copyright date.  Is this current enough given the particular topic?


6)      If research is mentioned in the text, is it current?

7)      What is the purpose of the source?  Is the author trying to inform, persuade, or entertain?  Is he or she trying to sell you something? 

8)      Is the content academic?  Put another way, is it college level research-worthy? How do you know?

9)      After your evaluation, would you consider this a quality source for a college level research paper?