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BRN Services for Faculty and Staff: IT Support

IT Support

The CASE Answer Desk is now part of the library and is located at the library's front desk. Contact our CASE Associate, Angela Katterhagen, or call the Answer Desk at ext. 5447 for campus IT support. Specific IT functions performed by the CASE Answer Desk:

  • Provides answers for general IT questions
  • Performs initial triage of reported issues   
  • Is the first point of contact for IT issues on campus
  • Will engage Central IT or the campus Academic Technology Specialist as needed
  • Assists Central IT in imaging computers as needed

The CASE Associates are logging everything through a web form similar to the one staff is able to use. The difference is that the CASE form signals to the CITS help desk that “initial triage” has proven the need for further assistance. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you move up the queue faster it does signal that you definitely have an issue that requires more immediate service. 

Helpful IT Links