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A collection of tips and tools to help you become a better student.

A study skills Wordle

Research words for "student success"

These are some of the words Search@UW uses for subjects relating to student success:  "study skills," "time management," "academic success," "student success" note-taking, test-taking, "college student orientation," reading, "multiple intelligences," intellect, "college students"

Start your research with one or two of these terms, alternating words until you find a search that works.


Successful students are generally students with good habits, who practice some basic skills on a regular basis.  In this Libguide, you will find  resources for improving study skills like note-taking, test-preparation and time management...the "good habits" part is up to you!  Good luck!

Any questions? Our contact information is located in the profile box on the right side of this page.

Is it a database or a website?

Libraries purchase databases which index journal articles and often provide full-text copies of those articles.  Although purchased databases are accessed through the internet, they are not "internet sources" or "websites." Instead, think of these sources as products designed to facilitate academic research.  Because they are purchased, they are not freely available to the public.

Sources other than licensed databases are freely available via Google or other search engines. Publishing information on the Internet is relatively simple and cheap, which, unfortunately, makes it vulnerable to abuse.  Like any information source, Internet sites need to be carefully evaluated for academic use, using the criteria in the box on the right.

The library web page also offers a list of Recommended Sites (see link below) for a wide variety of subjects.

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