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FOX CTA103 - Intro to Public Speaking: Finding Sources

A guide for students taking CTA103.

What is a Source?


Brainstorming Databases and Multiple Viewpoints

These are some databases to use to start brainstorming or researching about a topic. They will give you an overview of a research topic and some ideas of ways that you can pursue the topic in more detail.

They will also provide multiple points of view that can help with your informative and persuasive speeches.

Search@UW - Everything Search

Suggested Article Databases

These databases can work for your Informative AND Persuasive Speeches.   Many of these databases contain scholarly, academic or peer-reviewed sources as well as popular sources.

Evaluation Questions to Ask


  • Who created this? What are their qualifications/background?
  • Were there other people that helped to create this? Editors, producers, song writers, etc. 


  • What did you find? Book, article, website, statistic, photo, song, etc.
  • Is this a type of source that you can use for your assignment?


  • When was this published?
  • Does the source need to be published recently? Historically?
  • What is the timeframe covered by the source?


  • Where did you find this? Library, Internet, etc. 
  • Where was it published? Journal, Book, Magazine, Website, etc. 


  • Why was this source created? What is the purpose?
  • Why is this source useful for your research?
  • Why does this source fulfill your assignment requirements?