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FOX GEO101: Getting Started

Resources for Cultural Geography Research Project

Assignment Tips

For your cultural research project, you'll need a least 6 sources:

  • 2 newspaper or magazine articles (popular media)
  • 2 journal articles or books (academic sources)
  • 2 more sources of your choice

Formats of Sources


  • to find current information
  • to find statistical data
  • to find information from all levels of government - federal to local

Find using Google (or other search engine)


  • alternative views on topics
  • images or video clips

Find using Google, Search@UW, or Subject Databases

Magazines and Newspapers 

  • to find current information about international, national and local events
  • to find information written for the general public

Find using Google, Search@UW, or Subject Databases


  • when looking for lots of information on a topic
  • to put your topic in context with other important issues
  • to find historical information
  • to find summaries of research to support an argument

Find Using Search@UW

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • when doing scholarly research
  • to find out what has been studied on your topic
  • to find references that point to other relevant research

Find using Search@UW or Subject Databases

Brainstorming Books