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MAN BIO171 - Hein: Welcome

This guide is intended to assist students in finding and citing articles for use in the research article assignment for Dr. Hein's Animal Biology class.

What Will You Find Here?

The purpose of this library guide is to help you find journal articles for your literature reports. 

Assignment requirements (see the course syllabus for more complete information):

  • Two journal articles (can examine one topic from two positions)
  • Must be research article published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal within the past five years
  • About a topic in animal biology
  • You will summarize the study and describe background information, materials and methods, results, authors' interpretation of results and your analysis
  • Must reference the article using APA style



Welcome to the library guide for Animal Biology!  These pages will introduce you to library resources helpful for finding research articles in the field of Animal Biology.  Please let me know if I can help you with this assignment or with any other library-related questions. My office is in the library.  I hope that you will stop by to say hello whenever you have a chance!

Your UW-Manitowoc Librarian

Public domain image of walrus from NOAA

Christman, B.  (1978).  Large walrus on the ice: Odobenus rosmarus divergens contemplating the photographer. [Image]. Retrieved Sept. 8, 2013 from  

Note:  This image is believed to be in the public domain. 

UW-Manitowoc librarian

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