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MAN Movies About Mental Disorders and Disabilities: Home

Movies in the UW-Manitowoc collection with portrayals of mental illness or disorder.

Reference Resources About Mental Disorders and Diseases


Welcome to this UW-Manitowoc Library Guide!  The purpose of the guide is to identify movies with portrayals of characters who have a mental illness or disorder.  It is my hope that by watching these films you will be inspired to learn more about mental illness and will explore other library resouces on the themes covered.  

Movies are listed as either being available at the UW-Manitowoc library or else available on request from another UW library.  Check out the Library Guide about Films at UW-Manitowoc for instructions on how to find movies on the shelf and how to order them using from other libraries using Search@UW.

Many titles fit in more than one category, but may be listed only once in this guide.  If you don't see a favorite in the category you expect it to be, try looking in another place.  For example, there seems to be overlap between Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abuse.   

As always, the library staff is happy to consider suggestions for new titles or to provide help finding whatever you need.

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Sources Used

Films listed in this library guide were identified from websites and articles discussing the use of films for understanding psychological disorders and diseases.  Some of them are listed below; others dealing with specific syndromes are linked on the pages that follow

Sources Used: Books

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