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Suggested resources for the exploration of topics introduced in INT290, Spirit of the Rivers.

Sheepshead Review

This copy of the Sheepshead Review is a tribute to Denise Sweet.  Go to page 19 for her poem, "All the Animals Came Singing." 


INT290:  Spirit of the Rivers, is a 3-credit interdisciplinary course in the humanities with an Ethnic Studies designation.  This guide offers links to information about the topics covered in the class. Click on the links above to find library resources and explore the topics discussed in this class.  

Reading Assignments

Note:  Due dates are based on location on the syllabus.  Please check with your professors for accuracy. 

Due Sept. 6-9:  Stegner, Wallace. "A Sense of Place." Wisconsin: Making it Home. Wisconsin Humanities Council, n.d. Web. 04 Sept. 2012.


Due Sept. 17-21:  Robert E. Beider, “How they Lived in the Old Times” from Native American Communities in Wisconsin, 1600-1960, p. 20-46.

Due Sept. 19-23:  Doug Evans Noah’s Last Canoe.  On reserve at the library circulation desk.

Due Oct. 1-4:  “Immigrant Voices: The Dream, The Journey, New Beginnings,” Voyageur, Summer/Fall 1998, p 46-65  and John Schuette, "An Ideal City" in Louis Falge, History of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Vol. 1, p 381-96.


Due Oct. 8-12:  N. Scott Momaday from The Man Made of Words:  "Sacred Places", "Divine Blindness," and "Introduction to Part 3."

Due Oct. 15-19:  Denise Sweet's poems.   Also see the Sheepshead Review page to the left.

Due Oct. 22-26:  Richie Plass.  Preparation:  Review

Due Oct. 29-Nov. 2:  Roberta Hill's unpublished poems.  Also, read this short story:  Hill, Roberta.  "Start Getting Up,"  Deadly Writer's Patrol Magazine, 2007, p. 4-9.

See also Roberta Hill Whiteman's selections from Philadelphia Flowers and from Star Quilt.  

Due Nov. 5-9:  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. 

Also due Nov. 26-30.   Smith, Huron. "Ethnobotany of the Menomini Indians." Bulletin of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee. 4.1 (1923): 1-174. Web. 17 Oct. 2011.

Oneida Tribes Pow Wow Questions and Answers

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