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MAN LEC102 - Library Research Seminar (Spring 2016): Identify

Access to tutorials and resources that relate to topics covered in the UW-Manitowoc class LEC102.


This guide is a convenient site for placing links to required reading and viewing sources for the LEC102 course at UW-Manitowoc.  Please check D2L for your assignments and other course information.  This guide will be developed as the course progresses, so check back here frequently.

What Do You Know?

Think of something you have encountered in the past few days that makes you curious.  What is it?

  • Example:  Why have I had trouble sleeping lately?
  • Example:  With what school of poetry is Richard Brautigan most closely associated? 
  • Example:  What will students need to know in order to be information literate in the year 2025? 
  • Example:  Should I travel to Peru, England, or Yellowstone Park in 2016?
  • Example:  Why does something pop into your mind after you have forgotten it for many years?  What service does forgetting provide?  By what process and what need does the memory rise to consciousness again? 

What do you already know about it?

What don't you know?

Think of

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?

Write out a question.

Research your question using background sources.  Does your question change?

Write out the new question.

Find keywords in the new question.



Background information

Use one of these sources to find background information on your topic.