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MAN About the UW-Manitowoc Library: Members of the Community

Information about our hours, staff, circulation periods & fines, faculty services, services for members of the community, equipment, and student IDs.

Welcome, Community Borrowers!

The UW Manitowoc Library is pleased to make its collections available to the public. We nvite you to apply for a New Era Library card, which can be used here and at other libraries in Northeastern Wisconsin. For more information, please read the literature provided below.

Library Computer Use

Members of the Manitowoc area community are welcome to use the public access computers located in the library. Community members may not use any other computer labs on campus, unless they are attending a function such one sponsored by Continuing Education,  where use of computers is part of course requirements.  The library provides computer access in accordance with these University of Wisconsin Colleges policies: Policy on Use of University Information Technology Resources and Appropriate Use Policy.

First-time users will be logged into a computer by a member of the library staff using a generic guest account. Community members who are frequent users (defined as having three or more uses in one month) will be assigned an individual network account with a personal username and password. The UW-Manitowoc librarian, in consultation with library staff, is responsible for identifying frequent users. After providing photo ID and signed verification that the individual has read and understands the UW Colleges computer use policies, the Director will request the account. It will be available within 24 hours of request. Community members wishing to print from computers may visit the Administrative Services Office (Founders Hall Room 130) to apply funds to their account. $2.00 will print 40 black and white copies; larger amounts can also be applied. The balance on the account will show on the computer desktop in the upper right corner upon login.

The Library does not provide services or supervision for children. As an institution of higher learning, we do not use internet filtering software on our computers. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.