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MAN Search@UW: What is it?

This guide was created to introduce Search@UW to UW-Manitowoc staff and students. Thank you to librarians at UW-River Falls for creating the template for this guide.

What is Search@UW?


Search@UW, is the library's new search tool.  It will let you search in one place for:

  •  Everything from all the UW Libraries: more than 8 million books, videos, sound recordings, manuscripts and more.
  • Full-text articles from thousands of journals

  • A growing collection of digital materials from MINDS@UW, the UW System's institutional repository, and the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.



How to Sign In

Sign in with your PRISM/UW-Manitowoc Network Account


 Login menu

Look in the top right corner to select the "Sign in" option (hint:  it's on the red menu bar). 

Students, faculty, and staff should select the first option (see below) and log in using PRISM/network usernames and passwords.  Community users should select the second option and log in using a library card number.


Sign in

When you select “My Account” in the left panel there is a “Personal Settings” button that lets you “Personalize your results”, select “Edit” & you may check a major discipline box to refocus your search results. But remember to deselect it when you are done, otherwise it is saved in your account & will be used whenever you login.

Looking for Something Else?

Look at the second level menu bar for links to other resources.


This guide is based upon one written by Thomas Smiseck of UW-River Falls, with adaptations that facilitate its use by UW-Manitowoc users.