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MAN PSY250: Lifespan Development: Home

Here's where you can find help with collecting and citing resources to use in your class project.


Welcome to the LibGuide for Dr. Crowley's Lifespan Development class!  In here you will find tips on effective searching, suggested databases, and guidance pertaining to A.P.A. citations.  As always, let me know if I can help you at any point in your research. 

Search Tips

Try the following tips for increasing the effectiveness of your database searches:

  • Select databases that specialize in your topic.  A few are listed on this page.
  • Combine more than one topic to make your search more relevant
  • Filter results by date, subject, journal, or other limiters
  • Use a thesaurus (available at the top of the database screen) to identify the most relevant search terms
  • Store articles by saving them to an account, emailing them to yourself, or saving them to a bibliographic management system such as Noodletools


Recommended Databases


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