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WSH PSY 202 Wessel-Blaski: Libguides

Assignment Summary

  • Choose one popular and one scholarly article on your topic
  • Write 2 page compare/contrast paper
  • Remember 2 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Due Thursday, Oct 9
  • See us in the library if you have questions

Finding Scholarly Articles in Library Databases

Using the skills you learned about creating and combining keywords, you are now ready to start searching in the library databases.  Databases contain thousands of full text articles on a variety of subjects.  The library subscribes (pays for) around 100 different databases. 

You can search the databases in two primary ways:

Popular Article Databases

Here are some periodical databases which contain articles that were published in print journals and magazines. Many of these databases contain scholarly, academic or peer-reviewed sources as well as popular sources. Take care to look at each article to determine if it is scholarly or not.

UW-WC Librarians

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