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MAN Wisconsin World Citizenship: Home

A compilation of sites providing access to digital resources that support the humanistic study of local and global cultures.


Welcome to the guide developed to support the humanistic study of local and global cultures through digital objects.  The sites listed were selected for their emphasis on digital primary source materials that support the guide's theme.  Most sites included come from libraries, museums, universities, or other non-profit educational institutions.  Others, such as Flickr, were included because they are considered a major repository of digital information and because they support educational uses by providing an option for creative commons licensing.   

The guide is organized into five sections:

  1. Wisconsin Digital Collections provides access to sites that focus on Wisconsin-related digital materials.  There are also boxes containing links to sites relating to Wisconsin Native American tribes and to Hmong and other Asian cultures found in Wisconsin. 

  2. Learning Objects provides access to educational learning objects that are intended for use in the development of lesson plans, online education, and curriculum development.  There are also references that provide an introduction to the use and development of digital learning objects. 

  3. Digital Images provides access to online photo collections that may be useful for research or educational purposes.  These collections include both historical and cultural images from museums as well as collections curated by the photographers themselves, such as Flickr. 

  4. Lesson plans, curricula, and syllabi.

  5. Other resources. 

Please use boxes found to the left of each page to suggest additional sites and types of materials to include. 

UW-Manitowoc librarian

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Anthony Sigismondi