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BRN Plagiarism Guide: About Plagiarism

Examples of Plagiarism

If you do not cite the source, whether it's just a few words or whole paragraphs, the following all constitute plagiarism:

  • Copying from a website, such as Wikipedia.
  • Copying from an article in a magazine, journal, or newspaper.
  • Copying from a book.
  • Copying someone else's work.
  • Any form of "copying & pasting" without citing.
  • Rewording (paraphrasing) a source, or someone else's work, without citing it.
  • Failing to place quotation marks around a direct quote.
  • Fabricating citations or providing incorrect references.
  • Buying an essay online and turning it in as your own.
  • Using a previously written essay from one class in another class.
  • Using a photo, image, or artwork without attributing the source.

Source: UW Green Bay Cofrin Library Plagiarism Guide

Plagiarism Tutorial

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Understanding Plagiarism