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Geography of Bliss

UWMC Campus Shared Reading

Every year, UWMC's Shared Reading Committee picks a book to be read in a wide variety of courses, with the following goals:

  • to develop a sense of solidarity among students
  • to promote reading
  • to help students draw connections across academic disciplines
  • to allow students to recognize relationships between their schoolwork and the wider world

The shared read also gives UWMC the chance to reach out to the local community by offering public programming.

For more information, contact Jason Siegel, UWMC English Lecturer and Shared Reading Committee Chair.

Geography of Bliss

Upcoming Events

The Shared Reading Committee and Learning to Fly Series present the 2013 UWMC Art and Essay Contest!

Sponsored by LFA

Weiner’s journey explores the relationship between where we are, who we are, and how we feel.  To delve deeper into these topics and reflect on your own values, answer the question,

“Where would you fly, and why?”

 Respond to this question by composing a short essay, poem, story, or visual artwork in which you explain why visiting a particular place would make you happy.

Submit your entries or any questions to by October 24.  Winners will be notified in early November.

Click on the flyer below for more details.