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MAN Citing Sources for Academic Success: Home

Covers the four citation types used at UW-Manitowoc: Turabian/Chicago, MLA, APA, and ACS


Welcome to the UW-Manitowoc library guide to citing sources for academic success!  Use this guide to become introduced to the world of citing and to find information that will help you understand and form citations. 

There is a lot to learn, but it's all based on a few simple principles:

  1. It's perfectly OK to borrow information from other writers.  This information is called a source. 
  2. When you use sources, you must identify them.  This is called citing.
  3. Style guides will explain exactly how to cite (describe) the sources you use. 

Why Cite?

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Cite to show where you borrowed ideas and words from other writers.  You are part of the historic  academic tradition of building from the works of others.  Welcome to the community!

AUTHORITY:    Be proud of all the work you did!  You hunted down the best literature you could for your paper--this is where your instructor will notice the high quality of your sources. 

SHARING:  Your reader can identify and find books and articles from the list of sources cited and pursue anything of interest.  Try it yourself--read an author's citations and bibliography.  You might find some great sources that way!

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