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Here is a guide to direct BAAS students to the resources they need.

BAAS Campus Librarians

There are 6 UW Colleges campuses participating in the BAAS program and the Online Librarian and Systems Librarian assist with support.  Click the contact's name to retrieve their email address.

Here are the contacts for each campus:

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Treasa Bane (608) 355-5251
UW-Barron County Cecelia Cole (715) 234-8176 x5505
UW-Marshfield/Wood County Laurie Petri (715) 389-6512
UW-Richland Todd Roll (608) 647-6186 x220
UW-Rock County Kim Cook (608) 758-6565 x440
UW-Waukesha Jane Cavanaugh (262) 521-5473
UW Colleges Online support Rachel Metzler (877) 861-6203
UW Colleges Systems support Cheryl Nessman (920) 929-1307

BAAS Campus Coordinators

Each campus has an Advisor and a Professional Experience Coordinator. 

BAAS Campus


Professional Experience
UW-Baraboo/Sauk County TBD (contact Solutions Center) TBD (contact Solutions Center)
UW-Barron County Kelli Coller Kelli Coller
UW-Marshfield/Wood County Marta Rusten Marta Rusten
UW-Richland Joanna Muller Joanna Muller
UW-Rock County Karen Greenler Karen Greenler
UW-Waukesha Kathleen Folbrecht Kathleen Folbrecht

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BAAS program Information

  • BAAS degree homepage
  • Students in the BAAS degree program may elect an academic focus for their degree and select one of five concentrations:
    • Business
    • Communication
    • Community Health and Wellness
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Sustainability