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Resources useful to BAAS students taking the ENG 305 Literature in Communities class.

About English 305

ENG 305 (U)Literature in Communities 

3 credits

This course allows upper division/BAAS students the opportunity to participate in developing local or regional literary outreach events, programs, and publications. Students in English 305 may serve in a variety of roles, such as literary editor, creative writing workshop facilitator, or event planner, in implementing service-learning projects at local schools, libraries, or other venues. The course will explore the role of literary centers and programs, and small press, journal, and Web publications in creating and sustaining communities, as well as the role literary forms such as stories, memoirs, and poetry play in the lives of individuals and communities. Students will develop and apply critical reading skills and aesthetic criteria in the evaluation of quality literary writing. Junior standing or consent of instructor.

About Service Learning Projects

The central feature of the service-learning component of the UW Colleges B.A.A.S. degree is service to others combined with reflection upon the role of service in community and individual life. Service-learning projects are integrated into a specific course with variable models for the nature of the integration (e.g., throughout the semester or at particular points in the semester). Students have an opportunity to gain direct experience with issues they are studying in the course and engage in efforts to analyze and solve work- or community-related problems in the context of an instructor-supervised project. Projects are often collaborative in nature. Service-learning projects could include volunteer work within public or private schools, community service programs, or agencies focusing on issues such as education, the environment, legal aid, immigrant support, child care, domestic abuse, veteran support, and other socially oriented services. 

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