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SHB POL104: Annotated bibliographies

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a compilation of sources relating to your research topic.  Each source entry in an annotated bibliography contains two parts:

  1. A citation, using APA or MLA formatting
  2. An annotation

The annotation is an evaluation of the source, not simply a summary of what it contains.  Here are some suggestions about what to include in your annotation.

  • Author's background:  Identify information about the author's credentials (current position, degrees earned), academic specialization, and/or research interests.
  • Summary:  What overarching question does the source attempt to answer?  What is the main thesis or content?
  • Methodology, Evidence, Source Credibility:  What methods does the author use to conduct her inquiry?  Comment on the sources that are cited and/or the reputation of the publisher or journal
  • Source usefulness:  How will the source assist with your research question?  What contribution does the source make to your understanding of your topic? 

Further instruction & samples

What Information do I need to cite something?

What Belongs in a Citation? 

Citation guides

The following style guides provide citation examples for books, journal and newspaper articles, web pages and much more.  For further reference, see the MLA or APA handbooks for citation style available at the reference desk.  Stuck on a citation?  Ask your librarian!

UW-Sheboygan Writing Center

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